Laser cleaning sa is an
Eco-Friendly Solution
For all Surface Cleaning.

Servicing Adelaide and South Australia

Laser Cleaning SA is the first
Laser Cleaning company
in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our laser technology is environmentally sustainable and removes contaminants on any type of surface, with minimal to no damage to the base surface we are cleaning. This is done through a process called laser ablation, the laser shoots bullets of infrared light to the surface which removes almost anything that absorbs laser light: Fire Damage, Rust, Lead Paint, and Heavy-duty Coatings.

With increased environmental standards and changes to sustain our environment Laser Cleaning provides a new cleaning technology option. It reduces waste immensely, which is important in today’s world, where we want to reduce our ecological footprint. Our laser cleaning is chemical-free and produces little to no leftover residue. Most high-pressure cleaners create hazardous chemical by-products and airborne contaminants. You can trust Laser Cleaning SA to leave your site with no damage to the underlying surface.

Laser Cleaning SA is a fully licensed contractor and can undertake a variety of works from industrial cleaning to specialist heritage maintenance and restoration, demolition through to fire cleaning, laser cleaning, site cleans, and builders cleans leaving ready for hand over. We work closely with insurance companies, loss adjusters, brokers, insurance builders, and heritage to restore buildings and materials to a pre-loss condition.

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We use the worlds most advanced laser cleaning equipment:

  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Highest quality cleaning available – very precise
  • No hazardous chemical by-products, airborne contaminants or leftover residue
  • Customisable to your specific needs
  • Non-Abrasive – no damage to your surfaces
  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Vaporises coating fumes & particles with a fume extractor with high-efficiency particle & carbon filters
  • We come to you – our Laser Cleaners can be used in confined spaces, elevated work platforms and scaffolds.

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