We are a proudly owned and operated family business based right here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Laser Cleaning SA Pty Ltd is the first of its kind in based in Adelaide, South Australia. Proudly Australian-owned and operated, established 2020. We are a small business, as a result, we are highly responsive and readily available. Our Adelaide-based team is passionate about what we can offer.

Laser Cleaning SA was started as a result of a specific need to repair an existing commercial building that sustained extensive fire damages. Engineering options were considered, including demolition of structural aspects of the building and traditional fire restoration techniques, however, Laser cleaning provided an environmentally sustainable, cost-effective option.

Laser Cleaning is a rapidly growing industry providing an alternative cleaning option. Insurance, industrial industries, and many other industries are looking for alternative cleaning options.  With increased environmental standards and changes to sustain our environment Laser Cleaning SA provides a new cleaning technology option. It reduces waste immensely which is important in today’s world where we want to reduce our ecological footprint.

Our Lasers are purchased from world leaders in the laser industry. They develop and produce the world’s most advanced laser cleaning equipment. Laser cleaning can benefit you as it is precise, cost-effective, and clean. It saves expenses and eliminates risks for workers and their environment.

Laser Cleaning SA is affiliated with leading robotic and automation companies giving us access to the latest technologies.

We work with the majority of Insurance Companies in Australia, councils, government corporations, building companies, private jobs, and many more.

Our Laser operators are all Licensed and Accredited nationally.

Adelaide, South Australia based Laser Cleaning SA Team

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